Hug Boat Hug Boat en Hug Boat 1000 140 '; Brookbank Kayaks Seabourn Yachts of Seabourn is responsible, individually or per room?

On their website is the price quoted for a room or per person?

Check the website. But cruises are usually "advertisement" or quoted on a per capita basis. Seaborn is one of the most expensive, "luxury" lines, but the price probably includes things that involve an additional burden on the lines of the mass market, such as alcohol, etc.

Catamarans Kayaks Windsurfing Castaway Fiji Resort is a private island resort Iconic

My Fiji is an online source that has a large collection of the finest resorts in Fiji and vacation packages supreme and also introduces its official airline partner, Air Pacific to site visitors. All My Fiji holiday packages come with exclusive services in Fiji My exclusive VIP concierge providing meet and greet the private lounge, airport transfers and VIP concierge services. The wide range of 4 and 5 star resort packages offered by the site to provide unbeatable value and bonuses for visitors. The stations are places like the island of Denarau, Coral Coast, Pacific Harbour and the Mamanuca Islands. The company has a team of experienced consultants that assist people in choosing the right station, taking into account their preferences. The Castaway Fiji Resort, located in the Mamanuca Islands is one of the most beautiful resorts in Fiji, which is surrounded by white sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs that are a perfect destination for romantic couples.

The Castaways Resort Fiji is one of the very popular resorts private island in Fiji, which offers a wide range of activities and creative island cuisine. The station is traditionally thatched bures conditioning with tapa lined vaulted ceilings which are a representation of style and comfort. It offers plenty of opportunities to choose guests such as diving off the beach, PADI Gold Palm Five Star Dive, catamarans, kayaks, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing with hand line, the island of champagne Outboard hops and more. Castaway Fiji Resort has a swimming pool 25 meters of freshwater swimming pool, pond Lilly pool bar, mini club, Sundowner bar, shop and generally evil. Free catamarans, paddle boards, Spyboards, snorkels, masks and fins, glass bottom boat, Banana Boat Rides, scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving trips outside the reef and hand line fishing expeditions, beach volleyball, tennis and board games are the main attractions of this resort.

The Castaway Fiji Resort has rooms fully air conditioned with ceiling fans. The rooms also offer guests of the beach front and ocean view. They have large bathrooms, separate bedroom and living in most Bures, refrigerator, tea and coffee, separate shower, toilet and vanity, hairdryer and many other facilities for the convenience of customers. Guests can also indulge themselves with a massage in the traditional Fijian Resort Fiji Castaway. For more information, please go

Crew Needed Crew needed!?

I want to make a sims 2 movie and I want people to take part in this project. Before the cameras, but behind too. Everyone who takes part in it will not be paid, but his name and his contribution will be written and can become famous. Who knows ... Please tell me and what you can do better. That's what we want. Your best character and your business. Join now. When replying to tell me your email to contact you. Thank you and good luck!

contact me: I know lots of guys and girls who want to do this kind of stupid things:

Used Seadoo Rxp Trickle charge advice Waverunner (Seadoo RXP)?

Can someone give me some tips for keeping a load waverunner? (2006 Seadoo RXP)

What a better setting, 6 or 12 Amps?
Do you just leave it plugged all the time?, If this is not how long you leave it plugged in for? I use the ski week.

Thank you!

I presume you are in charge of the battery, because the draw of the automatic bilge pump. Best idea is to plug your charger at the lowest setting for about 4-6 hours the night before you plan to use. Or, you could buy a new style, a charger controlled by computer, and do not worry. When purchasing your new battery, buy the best you can find, the cheapies are not worth a pinch of shit.

Unless you have a really crappy quality battery for your PWC, it should not require external load during regular ideal-type and high shipping season.

If for any reason you drain the battery too badly, you should either see if you take too much water when you use it, see if the PWC's electrical system is not fully charged, or buy a better autonomy battery.

The only time you need to charge your battery PWC If you purchased a good quality is once you pull out of it and store it in a shed or garage.

Always remove the battery from your PWC at the end of the season operating PWC and store in a shed or garage away from extreme temperatures difficult.

Then trickle charge it (1 to 2 amps max rate) once or twice during the off season for about 3-7 hours each time.

For all the years my father owned a personal watercraft, all he had to do was remove the battery after having prepared for the winter, store it in the shed and the load net twice in the offseason .

He always bought a large audience, battery good for personal watercraft and it usually lasted 2-3 years easily.

If you use every week, you should not have to load it. I have a GTX Limited 2004. I perceived net once, after serving for one year. I put on 12, let it charge for about 7 o'clock he went out, ran, and charge the alternator to the battery.

net is less than 2 amps.

I would put it at 6 and run one hour before using ski.

Smokin Em Fishing Power Boat Accessories Any suggestions for an accessory power source ski boat that does not drain the battery?

We have a Larson I / O. My husband loves the integrated radio, but can not listen for short periods, because it drains the battery needed to start the engine. What alternatives to the main battery are they?

A radio should not drain the battery too quickly. Do you need the contact to listen to the radio and something else is draining the battery?

Seems the battery is low u have to replace it and add another 1 of those of the same type and ampere-hour equals.

Sportspal Canoe Is it safe to mount an HP 2.5 (£ 30 outboard motor)? a double canoe to Sportspal?

Canoe 15 '10 "and I'll use it primarily in lakes and some rivers in central Texas. just want to make sure it is safe. mount an HP 2.5 (£ 30 outboard motor)? a trade castle Sportspal double end canoe? side supports capable of withstanding this? and side supports are all the same? trolling / outboard motor?

Yes, it will support you in your engine ... Ask manufactuer on IE load limit., Passangers and speed. Engine mount attaches to the rim (top edge side) of your boat. Ya 'can get up to the most sporting good outlets that supports the canoes. I know Cabela's has them, they are a bit expensive, ballparkin them, they are around $ 100. Ya can also ta 'control on a stabilizer (arm which also binds to gunwale forward who has a small pedestal (s) thereof) is not required, but gives a little more stability. your best thing "to do shopping for the best prices on the Internet. We have a 11 1 / 2 "inflatable raft that mounts on the stern (aft) for a controller we use your power to enter into smaller ponds with a 14 'Jon boat will not do it. Happy luck, "canoe" Fish On "and / or happy ;)...

most side-mounted rails should work. 2.5hp is what you get out of an electric motor. Of course, the devil broke paddling.

Seadream Yacht Club Rent a yacht in Greece

from sailing yacht charter in Greece, mega yacht Greece, crewed yachts, private yacht in Greece, luxury yacht charter Greece, crewed catamarans rentals, sailboats, yachts and sailing in Greece on bareboat charter basis or skippered sailboats motor poweryachts, excluding superyachts and megayachts. various choices of yachts and itineraries yachtcharter in the Aegean, Ionian, Dodecanese, Cyclades ..... Check sample itineraries, suggestions Greece. Yacht charter in Greece?! However, as the Greek people, you can be yourself, sailing, swimming, skiing or just relaxing. For comfort, an experienced crew is eager to make you feel like royalty. fabulous sailing holiday in Greece, the sea and sun constitute two basic ingredients, the third yacht. Greece, the land of sun and the gods, offers an endless variety of scenic locations to choose those that suit you. Exclusively, there are countless places in Greece, which remain untouched by tourism. They are not all that far, but access is impossible except by yacht! Drink your champagne into a cave where the sea takes colors from a wide range, ask your steward to offer snacks in a secluded bay with white sand beach! Enjoy the rich history of Greek, Mediterranean cuisine, wine, oil oilve ... Learn Why yacht charter in Greece sailing with the cosmos? We understand your needs! Got more?

Fancy luxury yachts for corporate events or team building? Cosmos Sailing offers charter services these top Mediterranean destinations, yacht charter France Cote d'Azur Cote d'Azur, Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, Monaco Grand Prix charter Antibes, Balearic Islands Spain, during yacht charter Sardinia visit Billionaire Briatore Club, Porto Cervo, the heart of the Costa Smeralda and Corsica. Corporate Charter can be booked as; Full Charter, Cabin Charter Group, on yachts SeaDream I and II as or sail with the style of The Maltese Falcon. Please contact the office cosmos yachting brochures for further details and itinerary ..... "It's Yachting not Cruising" SeaDream

Cosmos-pleasure is also the company Mega Yachtcharter Cosmos platinum company that produces yachts charter, luxury yachts and custom built motor yachts of different sizes and designs. Please follow the link for more information about the cosmos-platinum. cosmos sailing yacht also offers pre-purchase, financing yacht Croatia, condition, insurance investigations, evaluations, investigative services yacht in Croatia, Greece, management of the Mediterranean, with partners, competitive pricing, the management of yachts, design studies and supervision of new buildings and conversions. Cosmos Sailing also provides agency services to cruise ships, mega yachts in Croatia, Greece as follows: bunkering, mooring arrangements, formalities, divers, rehabilitation and repair of yachts with the best rates Croatia, Greece.

With offices in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Greece and partners, yachting cosmos offers almost all types of sailing yacht charter, motor boats, bareboat or skippered yachts, catamarans crewed yachts, motor schooners to exlusive crewed luxury yachts, superyachts, yachts futuristic Yacht Charter Croatia, Greece Yacht Charter, Boat France, Riviera, Spain Balearic Islands ...

Pershing Boats Brands Luxury boats

Shakespeare Boat

Shakespeare boats managed to combine the best of both worlds. British build quality meets Italian style to create a very attractive business, small and fast. Whether buying new or used boats wishes everyone can afford or even a boat the size of a large house and looking for something light and frivolous, will turn heads is the job for you.

Italian style created by Victory Design team seems well built and expensive. Although they are not cheap, they are beautiful and unlike anything else around. Pershing-like Manhattans or new clean lines, under the bridges of the layout is fairly average, while the interior is what really stands out. Shakespeare 830 toward the upper end of the range sports cuddy is capable of combining the advantages of greater adaptation of vessels at ease with the athletic ability in a small package.

Princess Yachts

Immediately recognizable and world-renowned yacht Princess is synonymous with high performance luxury yachts. Built without compromise the sophistication of the yacht Princess range with its graceful lines and elegance is dedicated to the enjoyment of the boating experience.

Princess 65 with its large apartment offers the comfort of a villa. A flybridge yacht beloved sport 65 has a perfect layout and offers space to a manageable size.

A cruise ship Princess V48 perfect as the princess of 65 years, manages to balance the need for size and comfort control. Ideal for entertaining if you're looking for space and luxury, this could be the boat for you.

A popular fast cruiser fly Princess 35 is ideal to spend an afternoon in a peaceful cove, racing across the sea or for entertaining guests when the sun goes down. Princess flybridge motor yacht is powered by twin diesel engine (s) that result in performance yachts. The machine is perfect for enjoying quality time with your friends and family on the water, each boat with the appearance of a single masterpiece.

Sunseeker Portofino 375

The elegant and renowned Sunseeker Portofino 375 is a popular sports cruiser and all boaters to want one. Fast, agile and athletic, designed with the thrill in mind the Sunseeker Portofino 375 is a superb boat with excellent build quality. On board the Sunseeker Portofino 375 you can get a taste of luxury and lifestyle of the elite. Experience the speed (of the order of 30-35 knots), handling and style of the craft and you begin to feel like James Bond. The sleek aerodynamic, handling high-speed passenger and "Mediterranean" open style makes this job particularly special. There is plenty of room for you and your guests and accommodation below deck is spacious and comfortable. Designed to optimize space, speed and style of the Sunseeker brand is among the most beautiful and the world's largest private manufacturer of cruisers production today. The timeless style and elegance of the Sunseeker Portofino 375 makes it a popular choice on the market the boats.

For more information on buying used boats please contact Inwards Marine, a leading UK independent motor yacht brokerage with offices in Southampton, London, Monaco and Genoa .

Used Sailboats For Sale Where can I find a Soling sailboat for sale?

I'm looking for shoes in Massachusetts.



You can try It lists all over the world and the excellent research capabilities.

Supercharged Jet Ski Why me in 2006 Sea Doo GTX Supercharged Jet Ski was a loss of engine power?

The engine of the jet ski and suffered from the loss of power of the compressor can not be more engaging. It started after the engine was too full of oil. It works better now that we have more than drained the excess oil out of it, but it is still not quite right. It is also not on site but the oil level is the operating range slightly on the high end. Would the oil spill caused permanent damage? How would I go about fixing it?

You're a power loss could be something totally unrelated to the oil change. I would check inside the pump and see if there is damage to the wheel or plastic wear ring around him. Regarding your oil goes, I would start by the device on a flushing toilet and let it warm up for several minutes. So if you have the means, suck on the oil sump through the dipstick guide. Sea-Doo It should take 3 quarters of mineral oil bomber 4 AVC (not synthetic). Engine damage can occur with too much oil.

Buy Fishing Boat How do you want to buy a fishing boat?

Hey, I was wondering how I buy a fishing boat large as those on the television show catches the most deadly?

There are many different resources to purchase this type of vessels, mainly brokers expensive. Unfortunately, many of these guys (and families with more than 20 years in this business) have lost their boats to the mortgage companies that employ these brokers, surely you can see the irony, since the official declaration of the end of "Fishing contest" very unhappy in my opinion. So now, your best bet for the acquisition of these vessels would be auctioned, as much as I hate to say it, because there are hundreds of them on the block. I choose not to provide all the sights that I refuse to participate in any aspect of these families lost their wealth of an auction. Truly a sad scenario that this fishery has been one of the oldest traditions WORLDS, and now he is gone, and most of our fleets sea fishing communities were reduced by half, so good luck to you a place on the ground, not to mention the boat.

You can get one custom made for you, or you can buy a fishing boat for retirement.

What do you plan to use the boat? You might as well get a nice bonito Flybridge.

With lots of money, perhaps 3 to 6,000,000 dollars. The Northwest is over 100 feet long, and it takes a lot of money to run the ship.

With money.

Boat Paint Painting a boat?

I'm eager to pants a little picture of Elvis Presley and some other "Elvis" things related to the back of a boat that im getting my boyfriend for Christmas ...

What type of paint should I use? This boat will visit the lakes ...

I guess you've made your choice on the paint already, and I suppose you are real to her. Otherwise, I looked into getting a decal made by a professional shipping company lettering. Many are online and you can order just about any measure. They last longer than paint and will look almost perfect.

One shot sign painters paint, also used for the lettering

Quetico Park What to expect in the Quetico Provincial Park / BWCA?

It's that time of year as scabies journey has on people, including me. I was casting about maps and Quetico seems to be a nice change of Killarney / Algonquin. What should I expect if I were to choose a route of about six days in August? That would be my first time in Quetico. I am quite proficient with a map and compass, and I personally think that my skills are very good trigger (not trying to be show-offy). Any comments on what to expect, the difficulty, advice, warnings etc. are all welcome.

The Quetico and the BWCA are two beautiful parks. Certainly, there are almost 20 years I was there. There are lots of pre-designated campsites. I dod remember it was more difficult to find anywhere if all the camping spots are taken. So the two parks can be a bit crowded, close to points of entry and exit. When I was there, the bathroom facilities BWCA had minor to some campsites (one latrine outdoor wood).
Of course, the biggest I recall the two parks are very beautiful and peaceful. Enjoy your trip!

Sunseeker 105 Rowing Skiff Wooden Skiff plans - Choose the best plan

Skiffs can be designed either for rowing, sailing or outboard motor installed. So to build your own boat with wooden skiff plans, you must have a clear idea of why you build the boat.

Wooden skiff plans should take into consideration the factors that must be put in place that can vary depending on whether you'll use the bare boat either for rowing, sailing or motor.

Here are some things that must go into the plane for varying types of boats.


Rowing can be tiring, but if you find pleasure and passion in her, I strongly suggest you build a boat that makes it work for you on line. A good width and length ratio is the paramount consideration skiff boat line. A longer canoe will be easier to run a course while the width of the boat, it will be more stable.


Since you will be using the boat to sail, you must have put in place to sail these boats. In general, most sailing skiffs were 3 or lower sails. Of all the yachts, sailing skiff are often used for beginners and the most common sailing for young people, because it is easier to use and requires little maintenance.


Skiff boat was originally designed as a boat line, however, more skiff boat is equipped with an outboard motor which makes it even more versatile and allows its use even in rivers with strong movement and the open seas.

Whether you need to build a boat rowing, sailing, or you want to add a driver for it, it is imperative that you work with a great wooden skiff plans.

wooden skiffs are generally easier to build than its counterparts in other like fiberglass and aluminum, so I strongly suggest to the novice builders.

I found a very detailed plan wooden skiff which contains instructions step by step and photos making it easier to follow. You can check that, here, here and see if that's what you need to build your own wooden boat:

I have personally benefited from their wooden skiff plans and I am sure you will find useful too.

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Southerly Yachts Yacht Charter in the Northern Ionian Sea

Not looking at the Ionian Sea is complete withouth mention of Homer and the Odyssey. The Odyssey tells the storey of Odysseus and his travels and adventures throughout the Mediterranean around 800 BC. The Trojan War was concluded when the Greeks sucseeded bringing a wooden horse in the city of Troy. Greek soldiers were hidden inside and opened the city gates to the Greek army who sacked the city. Ulysses and the Greeks know the others could return to their kingdoms across the sea voyage of Odysseus say was eventful is rather underestimated issue.

From Troy in what is now north west Turkey he sailed south by the Aegean Sea. Arriving at the southern tip of Greece, it is blown off course for the lotus eaters in what is considered to Libya. It's on Sicily where he encounters Cyclops. This one-eyed giant eats two of the crew before they escape. More trouble in the Laestrygonians - Corsica or Sardinia. Here the fleet is attacked by giants throwing rocks and crew are devoured. Survivors Theh head east to Italy and the enchantress Circe. She maintains a marine, then a tap with her wand, turns them into pigs. Ulysses is protected by grass that the god Hermes gave him.

At some point of reference in the trip is for the columns of Hercules. And it's supposed to be the rock of Gibraltar and Jebel Musa in Morocco. These two mountains sitting on either side of the straight line is the enterance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. Now, it must pass the Sirens, whose sweet singing lures sailors to their deaths. Odysseus meets the ear plugs from his crew with wax and lashes and then himself to the mast so that he can not steer the ship on the rocks waiting. Passing through the strait between Sicily and mainland Italy they run into Charybdis, who swallows the sea in a whirlwind, he spit again. Scylla and uses each of his six hands to reach the bottom of the cliff and pull a sailor on deck, then quickly, yes you guessed it, eat it.

More misery as they upset the god Zeus, who sends a thunderbolt to destroy the ship. Only Odysseus survives, stranded on Malta, the home of the nymph Calypso who holds it against his will. Zeus, king of the gods, sends Hermes skimming the waves on magic sandals with orders for Ulysses. But while close to home yet another god, Posiedon, sends a storm destroyed his boat and washed ashore days later Corfu. He falls asleep in a thicket of olive and is awake to the sound of laughter of women. This is the princess Nausicaa down to the river to wash her wedding dress. Odysseus approaches her and she agrees to help him try to complete his journey home. She introduces him to his father and when he heard the story of Odysseus, he directs accelerated home to Ithaca.

Once home, he found the island full of suitors for the hand of his wife, after such time Odysseus is presumed dead. He and an ally fight and win a battle against overwhelming odds with a little help from the gods. And then, Athena tells the contending parties to live together in peace through the years to come.

Weather - Wind is compatible with the conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean. little wind in the morning but after noon the wind freshened throughout the afternoon may reach 20 knots. The evening and night sees a return to calm cindition. During the summer months, it blows from the north-west and south-west for the remaining months.

The navigation area of the north

Corfu -. The island receives three times the average amount of rain for the region and therefore is a mass of green woods, wild pine-covered mountains, lakes and cultivated fields. It also has miles of sandy beaches. the island's capital, Corfu town is situated on a promontory atractivly on the east coast.]]> Rowing Boat Insurance HELP! What is the holiday home insurance company will also cover my boat rowing in politics?

I have a vacation home that I left out, there is also an old rowing boat for guests.
We've had it insured by Towergate, which included the boat in the blanket, but now they tell me they can not include the boat and I'm struggling to find an insurer other holiday home that will. Anyone know of any that will??


If you are looking to ensure the boat of theft or damage so its unlikely that a holiday home insurance will cover it under the contents section.

Boats should be covered by a marine insurance policy (policy of boat), they cost about £ 60 per year.

But overall a holiday let insurance policy should cover accidents or injury to customers while using rowing boats under the section on public accountability - even though they have to prove the owner was negligent.

Hope this helps.

Coleman Boats Noah's Big Boat

Mules loaded onto Noah's Ark

As a kid, I remember hearing the story of Noah and his ark, and I mean every word. But as an adult, I began to have doubts about this story, mostly because I developed the ability to think.

To begin, I have a problem with what they called his boat. Why an ark? There are many different names for boats. You can call it a ship, a ship, a cruiser, a destroyer, carrier, canoe or boat. His boat looks like most likely a barge, or since it made the animals, perhaps we should call a barnboat. So why the ark? But this is just semantics. Let's get real meat of the story.

According to Genesis, God began to regret man. I was always taught that God knows everything, so how could he make a mistake? He also says in Genesis that God said that man "must be a lifetime hunded and twenty years." Can you imagine what it would do to Social Security?

Anyway God decided to destroy all that He created man and beast, creature exploration and birds of the air. But it found favor with Noah. He found in favor of Noah, but hated every other living creature? How could he hate a puppy, except maybe because it was not paper-trained. How can you hate a kitten, except maybe the puppy.

Then take the ark. God commanded Noah to make three hundred cubits long and fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high. Let's translate that into English. The cubit was about a foot and a half. So in a boat that was 450 feet long and 75 feet wide and 45 feet high, it was to cram two of every animal on earth in it. It's smaller than a football stadium.

I looked online and found 36 different breeds of wild cats listed. And among domestic cats, God knows how many races there. Dogs are another story. Imagine how many different types of dogs found on this Earth. And the birds! Wow, can you imagine how much space should be fair to the house of a male and female of each species of bird? When you add the reptiles and insects and other mammals, can you imagine how many? How did you meet everyone in a football stadium? And what about fish? God wanted to destroy everything. Is flooding an effective way to destroy the fish?

Here's another problem. God commanded Noah to load two of each type of animal. So what do the lions and other predators eat? If there were only two wildebeast on board, how long can lions live on them? And if they ate, how this species to continue? Two lines was not even an appetizer for two birds.

Gather these animals were not easy. As this was near the dawn of time man on earth, the ark was probably built in Africa or the Middle East, right? Well, how polar bears get on? And the penguins? Did they swim in the Atlantic Ocean to get to the ark? And if they could swim in the Atlantic Ocean, why would they fear a flood of silly?

While talking about the flood itself. Genesis says that the flooding was the result of 40 days and 40 nights of rain. If this could cause a flood, you'd think Eugene, Oregon would be a flood type each year. And it was not a small flood. According to Genesis, it covers all the earth, and rose fifteen cubits above the tops of the tallest mountain. Mount Everest reaches 8,850 meters. Add 15 cubits to it and translate it into feet and it is 26,595 feet. It's a lot of water. If you were in San Bernardino and swam up you'll get the bends.

As I said, it's a lot of water. I have a question for you. Where have all the water goes when the flood ended? If it evaporates into the air, we would have had much cloud cover and rain much, and flooding more likely. It does not work.]]> Sailing Boats What parts are a sailing boat

Have you ever had the privilege of sailing across the oceans in a sailboat? This is one of the most enjoyable experiences you could ever have fun in a sailboat is a boat that uses wind as the primary means of moving through water. There are many variants of sailing yachts which includes everything from small personal watercraft.

Whatever the size or how small sailboats are they all have certain characteristics in common. To help you understand what makes a sailboat, you will find below the meaning of the basic elements of a sailboat.

There are eight basic parts to a sailing boat you need to have as much knowledge as possible about. For an experience out on the water security understanding of the basic elements of a sailboat can be helpful. The eight basic parts are listed below.

1. Bow
2. Stern
3. Tiller
4. Bridge
5. Sailing
6. Hull
7. Mast
8. Rig

The bow is the bow of the vessel and the stern is the rear of the boat. You steer the boat with the bar and the bridge is the area of the sail of the boat where you can stand. Of course, the veil is part of the boat that catches the wind and propels you through the water. The hull is the body of the vessel which is the focal point of the boat. This part keeps the boat afloat the most since it has more buoyancy.

The mast is the great vertical pole on which the sails are supported. Usually, the poles used to hang over the sails of the bigger boat. The rig ropes and lines that are attached to the hull that are used to hoist or trim the sail.

It is important to ensure that you learn about the parts of the sailboat to see how you handle everything on the water. For security reasons, it would be a good idea for all those who will be on the boat to learn as much as they can. It is just good sense to have more than one person on board who understands the sailboat that can support in case something happens to the main boat captain.

It is also important to keep the boat and sails in the best possible condition. If your equipment is worn or if you have a tear or a tear in your sails, you have a problem that can become serious security concerns.

Power Boating Magazine How can I learn more about Powerboats

Once you've bitten the bullet and bought your motor boat you need to really get in the way of life to get the most enjoyment from your purchase. One way you can know all about your boat engine and lifestyle is to subscribe to a magazine motorboat.

Magazines that feature powerboats will also give you a lot of relevant information concerning not only the lifestyle, but also about your boat. Better yet, they are often not biased in their comments and articles on different boats. In fact, it would be a good idea to read some magazines on motor boats before making your decision to buy one.

Reading magazines as you can see exactly what you are suitable for most. motorboat magazines will feature a number of different boats over several months, giving you the opportunity to discover the characteristics of your favorite boat. You will be able to make an informed decision when you buy one.

But if you've already purchased your boat motor, you can still benefit from reading magazines that have motorboats. You will learn how to care for and maintain the engine, internal parts and outside all the skills needed to get the most out of your boat.

You can also find some great ideas for accessories that will make your motor boat more functional and safer. Do not forget in the excitement that the sea is not our natural environment and special care must be taken to protect yourself and your passengers safe.

Scalisi Marine Boat Deck Hatches Cleaning metal connectors (+) and (-) cables where they are screwed onto the battery terminals (marine battery)?

I had to buy a new marine battery for my boat after 5 years (not bad). So my connection to the battery posts are obviously new and clean. Pos neg son and which attach to the screw posts of the battery have these connectors are those made of brass or copper round dish with a hole in the middle that you put on the threaded rod terminal and tighten with a nut on top. These connectors brass or copper are completely black and faded, not bright-colored brass / copper as they should be. They were like a dark blackish green color. - I guess that is corrosion, electrolysis, or chemical / metal reaction. I started to connect the new battery but I do not own a good strong connection. Keep in mind that the battery is under the bridge in a box trap that is still very damp / wet, which I'm sure contributes to this condition and corrosion / electrolysis. Is there a chemical cleaner or household (vinegar, baking soda, coke, etc.) which will remove the dark coating of brass fittings copper / easily, without having to use sandpaper and wire brushes? Once cleaned and attached to the battery terminals, is there anything good that I can cover the linkages reduce this from happening again? Thank you!

Soak the cable ends in hot water and baking soda, best thing I've found, and then coat them with petroleum jelly, and after drying

Sure. Get a tube of silicone grease inflammation in any auto parts store. Coat the ends of the cable and battery terminals.

baking soda a good after work fat

H2O and baking soda or a terminal box with vaseline coke.Cover

Clean the ends with a wire brush, then use sandpaper on them, put them back on when you coat them with petroleum jelly and make sure you get under the fittings.

Good auto parts stores (not Autozone, Advance, or O'Reilly) do own battery and battery protector in aerosol sprays. Baking soda and water also to neutralize the acid. The best situation is to mechanically clean the contacts with a wire brush or sandpaper.